Health That Comes With "KUMPİR"

Kumpir is very beneficial and nutritive food beside being satisfying.

Potato, which is very rich with carbonhydrats, is the main ingredient of kumpir. Carbonhydrat is one of the main energy source of us that we need to be fed approx. %55-60 everyday. Also not well-known but potato contains C vitamins nearly half of equalance with an orange.

Also beside all this, potato;

  • Contains high magnesium rates and so assists to skin health and makes beauty the skin
  • Thanks to its fibrous nature, it helps digestion
  • contains more vitamin C than apple, pear or quince
  • contains more iron than spinach
  • With vitamin B6 it contains; it works up an appetite, calms one down and strengthens immunity
  • is rich in nitric acid and zinc
  • is a valuable diet for diarrhea or stomach-intestinal diseases
  • Boiled potato is a folk remedy given by mothers to their kids who suffer from diarrhea
  • Brain hemorrhage is reduced by 6% in those who eat potato weighed diets and the capacity of lungs increases and it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women
  • contains significant amount of Vitamin C and B, potassium, calcium as well as potato, protein, copper, iron and phosphor.
  • Helps to throw out the toxic matters from the body
  • Provide thyroid glands to work regular and prevents lots of diseases starting with goiter

Specialists says that the nutrition values of the potato are under the skin and it's more beneficial to bake the potato with its skin. Together with all these informations, Kumpir is very satisfying and beneficial meal with its cooking style and ingredients.

Nutrition Values

Water 79.2 gr

Magnesium, Mg 20.0 mg

Niacin 0.0 mg

Energy 71.2 kcal

Phosphorus 50.0 mg

Pantothenic acid 1.2 mg

Protein 2.0 gr

Potassium 411.0 gr

Vitamin B6 0.4 mg

Fat 0.1 gr

Sodium, Na 3.0 mg

Folic acid 0.3 mg

Total Carbohydrate 14.8 gr

Zinc, Zn Copper, Cu 3.0 mg

Total Folate 8.0 mg

Starch 14.1 gr

Manganese, Mn 0.1 mg

Vitamin B12 30.0 mg

Fibre 2.3 gr

Vitamin C 0.1 mg

Vitamin A 0.0 mg

Calcium, Ca 6.0 mg

Thiamine 17.0 mg

Vitamin E 1.0 mg

Iron, Fe 0.4 mg

Riboflavin 0.1 mg