Altın Şehir Gıda, established in 2006, created the understructure of Mr.Kumpir.

Mr. Kumpir, one of the registered trademarks owned by Altın Şehir Gıda A.Ş. in more than 100 countries, presents an opportunity to investors by creating a new sight and concept for “baked potato”, one of the most popular food products in Turkey. Mr. Kumpir, that continues its existence in the sector since 2006 through its franchises in Turkey and other countries with the slogan of “The Taste Saturating the World” and “We Teach To The World How to Make Kumpir”, presents a fast return investment opportunity to investors both in the world and Turkey, under a reliable trademark, with its new architectural concept it has developed since the second half of 2011 year, very new institutional identity and extended menu.

Today, Mr.Kumpir, with its leadership of its field in fast food sector in Turkey and all around the world, supports its franchisees with openings profitable franchise restaurants and presents to the customers healthy – fresh – saturated foods.


  • Mr.Kumpir, starting its journey at 2006 and adpoting the internationalization model since its establishment, is progressing the value to its business partners with its business model and growth strategy by focusing development and productivity,
  • Altın Şehir Gıda, owns the logos rights and trademarks of Mr.Kumpir, effectuated the understructure of Mr.Kumpir Franchise System at 2006,
  • Started to give franchise since the middle of 2007,
  • It’s presenting a reliable brand and presenting a fast return investment model to the investors in Turkey and all around the World with a new architectural design, new corporate identity and extended menü since the 3rd quarter of 2011,
  • Mr.Kumpir has been awarded best Turkish brand in the fast food restaurant sector in terms of global expansion by UFRAD (Turkish Franchise Association) and with the participation of WFC (World Franchise Council).
  • And now, Mr.Kumpir is registered nearly 100 countries on the worldwide.


  • To introduce kumpir, which is healthy saturated and economic food, to the World,


  • Presenting Mr.Kumpir Franchise System,to all people, who are willing to invest and have their own business, with its low cost investment, high return, easy to operate business model,


  • Presenting healthy and saturated food to the consumers,
  • Opening profitable stores to the franchisees and assisting them everytime
  • Making labors to improve themselves in a safe work environment,
  • Presenting a profitable business model to the investors,
  • Caring about the customers and to improve the customer focus at every shop,
  • Presenting innovative and healthy foods,


  • Mr.Kumpir has obtained the mission for its stakeholders (customers, workers, franchisees, investors and suppliers) foreseeable profit and sustainable quality, environment, health and safety requirements in the best condition to identify those,
  • Mr.Kumpir thinks its investors and suppliers as they are it’s business partners for keeping up a long term relation between each side,
  • This principle is committed with Mr.Kumpir’s rules of Professional ethics,
  • It is committed that the foods of Mr.Kumpir will be everytime with high quality standards and it is again committed that healthy, saturated and delicious foods will be presented to the customers by complying the legal rules,
  • To obtain the high quality of foods and services is under the responsibility of all workers,
  • Innovation and always rehabilitation is one of the main purpose of the company for assisting the financial success of company and investors,
  • To obtain the continuity of team work at everywhere,


  • To obtain the Mr.Kumpir as an attraction center and reliable brand and fast return investment model to the investors at the abroad,
  • Collecting all kumpir concepts under Mr.Kumpir Logos and system, which have been established in Turkey and at the abroad and
  • To create a unique and corporate sample in its field, with its innovation power, management quality, strong financial and competitive structure,
  • To introduce kumpir to the World, which is the healthiest food in fast food sector with its ingredients and preparation,and bring the new breathe to the fast food sector,

Heal-all potato was grown in America in the old ages. Incas even attributed a holy meaning to it. The Spanish, having followed in Christophe Colomb’s footsteps brought potato back to their country as well as Inca treasures.

Commander Pizzaro presented potato to the king of Spain in 1535 but the king was not fond of this tuber. English aristocrat Sir Walter Raleigh Virginia rediscovered potato almost fifty years later. However this time the English loved the potato. In time potato cultivation was initiated in Italy, Germany, Russia and France. But unlike the English, they regarded potato as animal feed. Only poor farmers cooked potato for their meal.

The one who introduced potato to cuisine was French Parmentier. Also a commissioned officer Parmentier conducted significant researches on military benefits of potato. Upon the threat of famine in Europe in those times, potato became a "blessing" and scientific booklet was published thereupon. Eventually, king of France allocated fields to Parmentier in the vicinity of Paris and potato started to be regularly cultivated.

It was potato which prevented the society from surrendering to starvation in cold Germany and Keiser Wilhelm the Second required the villagers to cultivate potato.

German expert Dr. Hermann established a pilot station around Adapazar› in 1895 and developed the type currently cultivated. Although its introduction to Turkish cuisine was late, it has become very popular and common.

Today potato has become indispensable to our cuisine especially for our children and it has taken its place in cuisines of every country. Due to its single origin, its different names in different countries were derived from each other. It is "patate" in French, "patate" in Italian, "potatoes" in English and "patatas" in Spanish. It is "kartoffel" in German, "kartofel" or "kartoflka" in Russian.

Today potato has become indispensable to our cuisine especially for our children and it has taken its place in cuisines of every country. Due to its single origin, its different names in different countries were derived from each other. It is "patate" in French, "patate" in Italian, "potatoes" in English and "patatas" in Spanish. It is "kartoffel" in German, "kartofel" or "kartoflka" in Russian.

The story of kumpir (baked potato with rich antipasto fillings) is pretty new. Baked potato with sauce eaten by the English has become a completely new product with rich antipasto fillings when it was brought to our country in 1991. First it has rapidly spread in our country and then it has conquered other countries.

Kumpir, which is being prepared in Turkey, is being prepared with butter, cheese and different kinds of salads and sauces. The shape is like Yugoslavian “krumpir” and/but with being baked in the oven and its own kinds of ingredients, it’s a Turkish food.

Pretty nutrition tuber potato does not contain any fat. Medium boiled or baked potato contains only 100 calorie. Thanks to its fibrous nature, it helps digestion. It contains more vitamin C than apple, pear or quince. It contains more iron than spinach. With vitamin B6 it contains; it works up an appetite, calms one down and strengthens immunity. Potato is rich in nitric acid and zinc. It is a valuable diet for diarrhea or stomach-intestinal diseases. Boiled potato is a folk remedy given by mothers to their kids who suffer from diarrhea. Brain hemorrhage is reduced by 6% in those who eat potato weighed diets and the capacity of lungs increases and it reduces the risk of breast cancer in women. Although it is inexpensive, it has rapidly become a valuable nutrition recognized all around the world. In Poland, 90% of families eat potato every day. Every year in America corn, cotton and potato are planted on fields of 15 million hectares in total per year.

Potato contains significant amount of Vitamin C and B, potassium, calcium as well as potato, protein, copper, iron and phosphor.

Benefits of Potato:

  • It provides energy for the body and removes fatigue.
  • Potato, reducing blood sugar, is beneficial for diabetics.
  • It removes atherosclerosis.
  • It facilitates digestion and intestinal obstruction.
  • It cleans the blood.
  • It provides protection against cancer.
  • It reduces intestinal swelling and hemorrhoid pain.
  • It is good for hand and feet cracks.
  • It helps removing intestinal worms.
  • It is good for kidneys.
  • It is beneficial for normal and dry skin.