Mr. Kumpir

Altın Şehir Gıda, established in 2006, created the understructure of Mr.Kumpir.

Mr. Kumpir, one of the registered trademarks owned by Altın Şehir Gıda A.Ş. in more than 100 countries, presents an opportunity to investors by creating a new sight and concept for “baked potato”, one of the most popular food products in Turkey.
Mr. Kumpir, that continues its existence in the sector since 2006 through its franchises in Turkey and other countries with the slogan of “The Taste Saturating the World” and “We Teach To The World How to Make Kumpir”, presents a fast return investment opportunity to investors both in the world and Turkey, under a reliable trademark, with its new architectural concept it has developed since the second half of 2011 year, very new institutional identity and extended menu.
Today, Mr.Kumpir, with its leadership of its field in fast food sector in Turkey and all around the world, supports its franchisees with openings profitable franchise restaurants and presents to the customers healthy – fresh – saturated foods.




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