Mr. Kumpir

Mr.Kumpir, that gives franchise in Turkey and as well as in leading countries of the world, has a target to present the taste of delicious baked potato, popular in Turkey,to the whole world through franchising system by using its slogan of “the taste saturating the world.”

Mr.Kumpir has given franchise mainly in Turkey and then in Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Austria, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Denmark, North Cyprus, Norway, Netherlands, Franchise and Italy and its negotiations continue with many countries.

Mr.Kumpir, that gives franchise with its menu that contains grills, hot and cold sandwiches, paninos, salads and rich beverages in additions to baked potato, is one of the few trademarks that arises in Turkey and opens up to the world.

Mr. Kumpir is in great attempt

Mr. Kumpir, by presenting a low cost, highly profitable and fast return investment opportunity in the fast food sector, transfers to entrepreneurs in Turkey its rich experiences it has gained in different countries through its balanced sharing and perfect service in the franchise area.

Mr. Kumpir, that presents its appropriate equipments and perfect cooking system to its entrepreneurs who make investments as a Franchise, teaches and audits the work in place with its specialist staff.

The Mr. Kumpir system, with its renewed and assorted menu that can be learned in a short time by not creating a master chief dependency, is a preferred trademark in the fast food sector because of its quick preparation time, practical packing and presentation.

Mr. Kumpir presents perfect opportunities to you for your business dreams. There may be other enterprises making baked potato in your environment but why shouldn’t you prefer a world trademark?

Our Franchise System

We define the most profitable enterprise for you with our different concepts. We assist you in location selection, definite the most correct location, protect the independency of entrepreneur and never leave you alone. We present to you at the very beginning the experiences of our architectural concept and promotion agencies. We address to the taste of a wide customer mass with our rich menu. We train you and your staff and guarantee your earning with our restaurant automation system. By applying continues and regular audits, we ensure your quality to remain in the high level at all times. By working with powerful suppliers, we maintain our quality and solve the problem at source. We support our enterprises with promotions and campaigns. The entrepreneur leaves the promotion campaigns and marketing to us and instead, he focuses on his enterprise and sale.


Mr. Kumpir makes feasibility studies in a location suggested by applicant. In case there is no obstacle for opening of the enterprise, the franchise agreement is signed and decoration and installation process begins.


Depending on the architectural and institutional identity of Mr. Kumpir trademark, under the control of architectural and technical team of Altın Şehir Gıda, the enterprise is prepared for service by using equipments and products in some definite standard.


While the enterprise is prepared for operation, the personnel need is determined during the same process. After a short-time training process, the personnel becomes the member of family under the trademark of Mr. Kumpir and within the framework of service standard.


Regular service and turnover audits are made to protect the standards of Mr. Kumpir and to ensure continuity of devoted customer mass.


In respect to institutional identity of Mr. Kumpir trademark, all the printed materials like packing and service materials are sent to the enterprise by us depending on usage density.


Mr.Kumpir ensures continues support to increase the potential of enterprise and protect its productivity and standards.

A Very New Architectural Concept

Mr. Kumpir, with its new face, new management understanding and new architectural concept, has completed its more unique, more functional and more charming architectural concept study as a result of detailed studies with the leading companies in this area.

Low Cost Business Concept: Mr.Kumpir Kiosk

A new opportunity has arised for the entrepreneurs who wants to gain maximum turnover with minimum costs.

  • City centers,
  • Universities,
  • Gas Stations,
  • Walking ways and beaches,
  • Inside or in front of Shopping Malls,
  • Resting- Garage stations of Big Buses etc…

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