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  • Tavuk Göğsü

    Chicken Breast Milk Pudding

    Chicken Breast Milk Pudding is prepared with Traditional methods and special tariffs. You should try…
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  • Supangle

    Milk Pudding

    If you would like to end your meal pleasure with a dessert, you can try…
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  • Kazandibi

    Pudding Blackened Surface

    The most loved Turkish delight, Pudding Blackened Surface is with you at MrKumpir.
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  • Sütlaç

    Rice Pudding

    Like mother’s done! We prepare our traditional rica pudding with special milk daily and serve…
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  • Keşkül

    Turkish Chocolate Pudding

    Fully chocolate taste! Turkish Chocolate Pudding is for those who love chocolate and soft tastes.…
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  • Waffle


    Special formulized and well cooked Waffle paste. Give your taste and put your toppings as…
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