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  • Cabata Sandviç

    Baget Sandwich

    If you need to eat sth. Faster as a snack, you can try Baget Sandwich.
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  • Cheeseburger


    If you are the one of those who can’t bear with cheese taste, then you…
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  • Tavuklu Sandviç

    Chicken Sandwich

    Chicken Sandwich is a light and healthy choice for both those who don’t give up…
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  • mr kumpir patates kızartması

    Fried Potatoes

    Fresh fried potatoes!!! Add them into your menu or choose as appetizer.
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  • Hamburger


    One of the most preferred classic taste, Hamburger!!!
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  • Kumru


    If you like your sandwich with plentiful materials and plentiful tastes, Kumru is for you!!!
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  • Light Sandviç

    Light Sandwich

    Light Sandwich is an indispensable taste at breakfast and break meals, specially prepared for those…
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  • Mr. Goralı

    Mr. Goralı

    If you are that who can’t give up American salad, then you should try Mr.Gorali,…
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  • Nuggets

    This is favorite of who search a tasty starting!!! Outside is crispy, inside is soft,…
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  • Onion Rings

    Indispensable taste!!!Crispy and tasty onion rings for snack lovers.
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  • Sosisli Sandviç

    Sausage Sandwich

    Special sauced sausages, pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise. Sausage sandwich is a taste classic!!!
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