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  • Sezar Salata

    Ceasar Salad

    A classic taste, light, healthy, nutritive!
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  • Hellim Peynirli Salata

    Halloumi Cheese Salad

    Halloumi Cheese Salad, that makes fresh greens together with the most delicious form of cheese,…
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  • MrSalad® Akdeniz Esintisi

    Mediterranean Style MrSalad®

    An indispensable preference from the classics, can be chosen for a light meal or side…
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  • Mexican Salata

    Mexican Salad

    Special sauced chicken and pletiful vegetables! This dish is both saturated and tasty and light…
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  • Milano Salata

    Milano Salad

    If you like different tastes, you should try this salad that add different taste to…
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  • Mevsim Salata

    Season Salad

    This salad is favorite of those who love light tastes, that combines together the most…
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  • Soya Soslu Salata

    Soy Sauced Salad

    Unforgettable taste and saturated delight of One of the most suitable sauce for chicken, Soy…
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  • MrSalad® Ton Balıklı

    Tuna Fish MrSalad®

    Indispensable of diet menu for those who want to eat healthy! Tuna fish salad is…
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